Once upon a time ...

MAY 2012. We introduce ourselves: we are young and old, of both sexes, with varying degrees of different areas of Rome, but with one big thing in common: unemployment.

Finding ourselves at the same time in the Italian shocking statistics, we decided to became partner and tgether  to give a jolt to our future and to the labor market.

This has been possible thanks to the participation in a competition organized by the Lazio Region to Create Jobs and encourage the creation of business with the granting of loans to start up innovative start-ups.

It was therefore rewarded innovation, and that's how inspired and fascinated by the brewing world (and especially from the finished product, the beer ! ) Was born Hopside, pub & restau Hombrewing with attached workshop .

Hard to find something more innovative an idea that does not exist in Italy, but not in Europe!

December 2012 . The notice shall be awarded ! Officially part of the "Project Hopside " !



October 2013 . Bureaucratic After many adventures and not only that, here we are, to undertake this journey full of question marks that we expect to turn into exclamation marks !


  Via Francesco Negri 39








18.00 - 02.00


Orario Cucina

LUN / SAB:  

18.00 - 00.30

& DOM:

18.00 - 00.00